Saturday, March 3, 2007


One of the best ways to reach your protein targets (without going over your fat limits) is to use whey protein. There are hundreds of products that use whey protein as a base, and most of them are very tasty.
Whey lowers the glycemic index of any other food that is eaten with it. This means that if you have a protein drink, along with fruit, your blood sugar will rise less than if you had the fruit without the protein drink.
Whey protein also has "feel good" amino acids, like tyrosine and tryptophan and taurine in it. Your mood and your brain chemistry will both go "up" when you add whey protein to your diet.
You can get fruit drinks, cocoas, meal replacement shakes, puddings, oatmeals, protein bars, and yes, even soups and jellos that use whey protein as the base.
You will be adding 15gm protein with each packet you use, with no fat, and very few carbs. Your appetite will head south and so will your weight and blood sugar.
Just don't try to live on protein drinks alone - you will lose muscle mass and end up slowing down your metabolism. Try to have roughly the same number of carb grams as protein grams, and you will watch your energy soar, and your waistline get smaller.
Sounds like a good reason to sit on your tuffet, eating your curds and whey....

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