Saturday, March 3, 2007


Here is the fast way to get blood sugar under control and reduce the calories you eat , so that you lose weight:
Have equal grams of protein and carbs every time you eat.
Carbs are like building a fire with kindling - poof, all used up and you get hungry, with low blood sugar.
Protein is like adding an overnight log to the fire - it burns slow and long and keeps your energy steady. It kills hunger.
So, if you have equal grams of protein and carbs every time you eat, you have used the protein to slow down the entry of carbs into your blood. Also, protein is the most potent appetite suppressant there is - no pill works any better than protein to kill appetite.
How many protein and carb grams for a weight loss diet? Find out how much muscle mass you have (lean body mass) by weighing on a fat percentage scale. Use a calculator to subtract your fat from your total body weight. Then, have one gram of protein and one gram of carbs for every pound of lean body mass you have. For me, I started with 100 pounds lean body mass, so my diet was 25 gm fat daily, 100 gm protein daily, and 100 carb grams daily, or about 1025 calories.
Fat grams should stay around 30 gm dietary fat daily for both men and women.
When your diet is composed this way, you won't be hungry as you lose weight (even on this reduced calorie diet) and your energy picks up immediately. You should be mildly hungry, not severely hungry. If you are severely hungry, have a protein drink to kill your hunger.
This diet is recommended by bariatric physicians in my area.

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