Tuesday, July 31, 2007


One of the must-have supplements for diabetics is benfotiamine. It is a fat-soluble Vitamin B1 that prevents the cross linking of protein and glucose in the body. The cross linking is the source of all the side effects of diabetes - loss of feeling in the feet and hands, loss of vision, and kidney problems. Benfotiamine stops the cross linking of glucose and protein.

So, if you are diabetic, you should be taking Benfotiamine in addition to alpha lipoic acid. Take 600 mg per day.

A nice side effect is that it gets rid of itching and burning feet.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


If you are applying the target amounts of fat, protein, and carbs for your height (outlined in the post "ARE YOU HUNGRY AND TIRED?") then you should be full most of the time without being stuffed as you eat your five meals per day. You should be mildly hungry for about 1/2 hour before you eat the next time.

What is mildly hungry? On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 to 5 is mildly hungry, and 6 to 10 is "I'm gonna kill someone and take their food!" - we want you on the 1 to 5 side of things. And for only half an hour before your next meal or snack.

If you spend any time being severely hungry, you are losing muscle mass, and that is slowing down your metabolic rate. So don't ever skip meals or snacks.

We want an INCREASE in muscle mass as you lose weight and normalize your blood sugar numbers. That means you are burning MORE calories, because it is muscle that burns calories.

Most, if not all, of your weight loss will be fat mass, not muscle, if you learn to hit your target numbers.


I am very glad to hear that some of you are applying the balanced protein and carb diet to help blood sugar. I want to encourage all of you to work with your doctor to do what western medicine does best: to MEASURE and validate your results from the diet and supplements.

You may need to work in order to find a doctor that will work with YOU. My agreement with my doctor is that as long as my A1C is less than 7.0, I can use the methods I want. I keep her informed of all the supplements I am taking, as well as the changes in diet I am doing.

But be prepared - it only took me 5 days to come off insulin after I added alpha lipoic acid to my existing balanced protein and carb diet. It can happen really fast, so you must be sure to measure your blood sugar several times per day and have a protein bar handy if you start bottoming out.

Your doctor is your best friend and will help you conquer diabetes. Just find the right doctor and tell them you are on a diet that is very effective at managing blood sugar. They will help you monitor your progress.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


There are not too many places that serve balanced protein and carb meals, but I have located two of them.

Arby's has a great chicken/fruit salad called Martha's Vineyard salad. They musta seen me coming! The numbers are: fat 8 gm, 25 carb gm and 25 protein gm, (roughly).

Also, Fazoli's has a wonderful Parmesan Chicken Salad, with numbers about 10gm fat, 30 gm protein, and 30gm carbs. Just throw away those breadsticks, they are one step closer to limb amputation! If only that were not a joke!



You can see the log sheet I use, and print it out, from this link:


Be sure to add 2 tbs coconut oil per day for women.  For men, add 3 tbs coconut oil per day.  Don't add the coconut oil in to your daily totals.  Coconut oil is the only oil that increases metabolic rate, so don't even count it.


Here is the daily log sheet I use to hit my targets of 25gm fat, 100 gm protein, and 100 carb grams. Just get a good Book of Food Counts and write down everything you eat, and learn to hit your targets. The food count book I like is by Coline Netzer, available used at Amazon.com if you are tight on money.

See my previous post for targets for men and women according to height, you will find it in the post "ARE YOU HUNGRY AND TIRED ALL THE TIME."

You can see the log sheet at this link, and print it out. I am also making a post with just the log sheet, without my present comments.


If you hit your target numbers every day, you can count on about 1 to 2 pounds weight loss per week. You can accellerate this weight loss with alpha lipoic acid and reishi mushroom. And the 5 meals per day means normal blood sugar if you hit your targets. Don't forget your multivitamin, your 10 gm omega 3's, and if you exercise, you need an extra protein bar for every 1/2 hour of moving your body.


According to the folks at http://www.watercure2.org/ the best way to keep your liver from dumping glucose into your bloodstream at night is to eat *GREEN BEANS* right before bedtime. Go ahead, have some butter - just a little - on them, too.

The green beans have tryptophan, an amino acid that makes serotonin, which, in turn, keeps the water balance in your body steady. They also have fiber and no carbs.

I tried the green beans, and I am happy to report that my fasting blood sugar the next two mornings was under 125 - in the non-diabetic "normal" range.

So, my liver wants green beans at bedtime! Hah! Guess I will give it what it wants.

And the water cure continues to work well for me, making my post-prandial readings less than 140 on average - again, totally normal. But this assumes that I am eating 5 small meals per day, sticking to my 25gm fat, 100 gm carbs, and 100 gm protein on a daily basis, and taking my alpha lipoic acid and reishi mushroom and a good multivitamin/mineral complex, and 10 gm Omega 3 fats, flax and fish oil. I also eat a protein bar before going for my daily walk (5 gm fat, 15 gm carbs, and 15gm protein) and if I overeat at any time, I have extra water and salt, and walk the extra calories off. Thirty minutes of walking uses up about 150 calories for me, I am 5'9" tall.

It is still lots better than taking insulin. And I have half a pancreas to work with, so this means anyone who is just "Type II" can pull this off and avoid the trail of tears that comes from insulin, the resulting increased insulin resistance, and end stage diabetes, with loss of vision, kidneys, and toes.

Better to adapt the food to what the body wants and needs, take the water cure, and avoid medications as much as possible.


Friday, July 13, 2007


I am totally amazed. I just read about the Water Cure, for diabetes and for many other diseases. According to Dr. Batmanghelij, diabetes is an adaptive condition that the body takes due to lack of water and salt, and can be cured with water and salt.

So, I just started their recommendations - one ounce of water for half of my body weight daily. This is about 3 quarts of water for me, divided into 5 doses, and taken about 1/2 hour before meals. They instruct us to put 1/4 tsp SEA SALT in the water per quart.


Go to http://www.watercure2.org and listen to the audio about diabetes cured.

I will keep testing and keep you informed.