Monday, March 19, 2007


My balanced carb and protein diet is stabilized at 25gm fat, 100gm carbs, and 100gm protein, plus 10gm omega 3's in flax and fish oil. And I eat 5 times per day, and measure my blood sugar 5 times per day. Therefore, I know immediately how any supplement effects my blood sugar.

Ginger tea has been a real winner for me. This morning, I woke up with fasting blood glucose of 93, something that is in the normal range. My ginger tea last night made the difference, because I had my usual meal of 25gm protein, 25gm carbs for dinner.

You can purchase ginger tea at many places on the web. Try to get 100 percent ginger tea, as it will effect blood glucose the best.

Other blood sugar lowering natural substances include alpha lipoic acid (plus biotin) available from

While you are there, buy some reishi capsules! I just love seeing that glucose meter dip when I take ordinary food supplements. But your food must be stabilized, so you can see the effect of the supplements. Food first, supplements second.



Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Very interesting indeed....I am a BIG fan of ginger tea myself!!

The ginger tea I get in Johannesburg, South Africa has SUGAR in it....can you PLEASE give me the name of the "100 percent pure ginger tea (without sugar)" that you mentioned??

I would really like to purchase it...

Thanks again


Martha Katona said...

The ginger tea is from Triple Leaf Tea, available at - just search in the search engine there for Triple Leaf Ginger Tea.


Anonymous said...

I take 10mg of Glipizide at bedtime, but still wake up to 130-140 fasting glucose reading. Three weeks ago I started eating 2-3 ounces of crystallized ginger in the evening and soon noticed my morning readings were 85-101 consistently.

I make ginger tea from a spoonful of crushed ginger. You can get a large bottle of it from an Asian store and it keeps for years. The tea is delicious.

Martha Katona said...

I am concerned because the crystalized ginger has 30 carbs per ounce in it, according to - while it may lower fasting blood sugar, if you eat two ounces, that means you are eating 60 grams carbs without a matching 60 grams of protein. This is adding to the load your pancreas has to process.

I think ginger tea, sweetened with stevia, would be much better. But I am trying the crystalized ginger tonite, without matching grams of protein, and tomorrow night, I will add 60 gm protein to go with it. I will have to reduce my daytime counts by that much, and given that I only get 100 carb grams per day, that will be a big sacrifice.

But I do want to test the concept, and I will report on it!

Thanks for your input, it is always appreciated. But this may or may not work for a balanced protein and carb diet. I will let you know!


Anonymous said...

Just grate some fresh ginger root and add water, let it sit in the fridge overnight, then stir and drink it up; basically, swallow the mixture every day.


Martha Katona said...

With all ginger, please be aware that 4 gm ginger is the maximum daily amount. Ginger crosses the blood brain barrier and thins the blood. More than 4 gm and you can really hurt yourself.

Anonymous said...

Simply buy a ginger root at the grocery store, wash it thoroughly, slice about an inch in thin slices. Boil in clean water for 20 minutes. Drink the water...voila, ginger tea! It's delicious. It lowered my blood sugar 40 points. My blood sugar is in the mid 80's in the mornings now. It's perfect, instead of borderline.

Anonymous said...

My sugar level is about 120-130 fasting without any medications. The ginger tea sounds like a very good solution to bring it safely to down to normal levels.

Just wanted to ask if the Ginger Red Tea from The Republic of Tea would be equally effective as the Triple Leaf Ginger tea?

The ingredients are - Rooibos, ginger root and natural peach flavor. Here's the link -

Also, how many cups should I drink per day? After each meal? Sorry about the questions, I'm not a tea drinker and have no clue how much to drink.

Any input would help.

Thanks in advance for your help and for posting about the ginger tea.

Martha Katona said...

I use ginger tea any time I need to drop my blood sugar within the next half hour. What this means is that ginger speeds up your metabolic rate, but the effect is temporary. People are all different, but for me, one cup of ginger tea is enough to drop my blood sugar significantly. This is assuming that I have eaten small meals all day long, so I can see what the ginger is doing.

I don't like the idea of diluting the tea with roobios. Try another calorie-burning tea, like Bengal Spice or Gingerbread Spice. All those flavors work together, and they all raise metabolic rates. I sweeten my teas with stevia packets from Now Foods.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to go ahead and order the triple leaf ginger tea and the others you mentioned. Test the next morning and see which one works best for me.

You've really helped, thanks so much.

Deborah G. said...

I tried pure organic Ginger tea today for the first time. Within three hours my blood sugar dropped to 50! I had to eat two granola bars to get it up to normal. This never happens to me. I am insulin dependent and am type 2. Also I read several days ago that decaf coffee can cause trouble with high blood sugars,weight gain and can cause rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. I started drinking decaf in Jan 2014. It is now March and I have gained 8 lbs and seem to be gaining more each day. I also have had a lot of pain in several of my finger joints, including stiffness and popping. I stopped drinking decaf two days ago and the pain in my fingers is less w/no popping AND I dropped a lb already. Today I had normal sweating getting rid of fluid and the puffiness under my eyes is much better. The decaf process used (chemicals are used to do this) really affected me.It may not affect everyone...but I hope my experience may help someone who is reading this.

Anonymous said...

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Kimberly Palmore-Ferguson said...

Oh my goodness, I am so thankful for this!! For the last week I have been waking up in the 150's and have been emailing my doctor to find out what's wrong... I actually drank some lemon ginger tea (sitting at work)and feel better.. I will check in again and tell you all how it went!! Thanks Again!!

Martha Katona said...

Don't forget the maximum amount of ginger allowed on a daily basis is 4 gm. More than that and it crosses the blood brain barrier. Not good. So, cups of ginger tea have about 250 mg ginger, so you limit on tea is not really a danger, but if you add ginger slices or ginger candy, it can add up quick. Just be cautious.