Thursday, March 22, 2007


Here is a recent testimonial from someone I coached. They are diabetic, and just started learning to use a balanced carb and protein diet.

"Here it is today, my 11th day....I've lost 8 pouunds!!! Down 2" in my waist. Fasting blood sugar was 119 today, which is the lowest it's EVER been! I haven't taken meds in 3 days, because my blood sugar was dropping so quickly with meds. I'm not hungry, yet it seems I eat all the time, and I'm constantly looking for food in order to get enough calories, carbs, and protein in for the day. I have to laugh when I sit down at the computer and think, "Oh gee.....I have to eat so much more today to get those numbers up!" I'm actually hunting for a food to increase my calories....who would have thought that would ever happen??? I can't imagine how many calories I used to eat that were so empty in nutrition, yet left me searching for more in order to satisfy my hunger. I'm no longer afraid of carbs because I now know to always combine a protein (THANK YOU MARTHA!!!) I thought she was crazy to think I could get by on 1000 calories a day!"

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