Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I am managing my blood sugar using food, but I also use supplements to help out. But the food is always first - I hit my targets of 25gm fat, 100gm protein, and 100gm carbs daily. I also supplement with 10gm of omega 3's without fail, because they help with insulin resistance, appetite, and satiety.

After the food targets are hit, most of my blood sugar "problems" go away. But there are several food supplements that really help, and by that, I mean these supplements are capable of reducing my after-meal glucose readings by as much as 30 points.

The first is ALPHA LIPOIC ACID (with biotin), available at - I take 600 milligrams with each meal. Be careful with alpha lipoic acid, because you can take too much and bring blood sugar down too much. But, hey, if I am fighting high blood sugar, this natural enzyme is a work horse. Alpha lipoic acid buys me 30 post prandial points.

The second is reishi mushroom. In addition to lowering blood sugar with it's constituents ganoderic acids A, B, and C, reishi also lowers blood pressure. Truly it is the mushroom of royalty - and in fact, only royalty could take reishi mushroom in China. So, I guess I am Chinese royalty now, because I take 6gm of it daily, divided into 3 doses of 2 gm with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This buys me another 30 points post prandial.

The final food supplement that is capable of significant lowering of blood sugar is ginger. This is available in 500mg capsules from Vitacost, as well. But since hydration is always a concern, I enjoy 100% ginger tea. And that buys me 30 points post prandial, given my strict diet.

So, even a lady with half a pancreas can manage blood sugar using only food and supplements. It may be noted that I still use insulin on the days that my diet varies by more than 300 calories - but then, there is always that half hour walk!

Enjoy your life, even with diabetes. I sure do.


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