Tuesday, March 13, 2007


You've already heard about 'just in time" manufacturing. The Japanese invented it, and used it to clean up in the auto industry. What is it? Having only enough material and supplies on hand to make the car - not storing anything extra until you need it.

This is a great principle to apply to food! By eating small meals, 5 or 6 times per day, you only allow in the amount of food that will run your body, and no more. Makes for great blood sugar readings, when you combine this technique with balancing protein and carbs.

My Day:
6am Reishi Coffee
9am Protein Shake
Lunch: Ham or turkey wrap on low carb tortilla plus small orange
3pm: protein bar
6pm: Entree, salad, and green vegie, plus 10 carb dessert

Not bad, not bad, in fact it is GOOD to snack all day long! I live very well on 1025 food calories per day, plus 90 calories from Omega 3's. Less than 1/2 the calories of the "average" American diet - whatever that is!


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