Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I have explained in an earlier post that Omega 3 fats are absolutely critical for diabetics. But there are several kinds of Omega 3's, which is best?

Fish oil, which is abundant in Omega 3's, is the most desirable kind. Your body does not need to modify the chains in it, and it can be used immediately by the body. It fights inflammation, and in general, is the best form. But some diabetics experience a blood sugar increase when they use fish oil, so watch your glucose meter carefully. I recommend 2 gm of fish oil per day.

But there are other forms of omega 3's from plants. The only problem with these is that your body has to work hard to convert them to a form the body can use. But good plant omega 3's include chia seed and flax. I try to work in another 4 to 6 gm of these plant omega 3's in addition to my fish oil.

A nice benefit is that your cracked, dry skin disappears and you regain that "dewy" look of youth. But the real bonus is that your are getting rid of the rigid transfats you have eaten in the past (you are not still eating transfats are you?) and replacing them with omega 3's in the cell membranes throughout your body. This helps insulin resistance, the problem with most Type II diabetics.

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