Wednesday, July 23, 2008


For whatever reason, diabetics are prone to bladder infections. Most of these do not require antibiotics, if you use a supplement called D-MANNOSE. D-mannose is a polysaccharide that tells the e-coli, which is causing the infection, to attach to the D-mannose, and wash right out of the bladder. D-mannose, in combination with CYSTEX, will get most bladder infections taken care of without the use of antibiotics.

Bladder infections can cause a rise in blood sugar that seems to come out of nowhere. So, if you have been sick, or if you have a strange rise in blood sugar, ask your doctor to see if you have a bladder infection.

I try to avoid the use of antibiotics, so I try to use D-mannose and Cystex whenever possible. Of course, consult your doctor if the symptoms do not go away.

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