Thursday, June 25, 2009


Once you actually start hitting your target numbers, you find out a couple of things:

1. Your glucose meter will plunge.
2. You need to work with your doctor to reduce your diabetic medications.

This is victory! You are now hitting your target numbers and being super nourished on far fewer calories. Your hunger is gone. Your tiredness is gone. And your A1C will be much lower as a result of hitting your targets.

It is so simple. Use food to manage blood glucose. What a concept! I am being facetious, of course, but this is your opportunity to learn how badly the Standard American Diet treats us. We don't need all the extra fat, carbs, and calories, in fact, that is what is making us sick.
And we DO NEED the extra protein to help manage blood glucose. This is what the American Diabetic Association recommended for fifty years. A balanced protein and carb diet manages blood glucose all on its own. Now the supplements that lower blood glucose can really work.

So, congratulate yourself, and stay free. Your doctor will be amazed. And you will be losing weight, feeling great, and getting more energy from day to day.



flinteri said...

I confused and need a road map to do this , My friend swears it works but I need more info ... tell me the best way to do this diet.. nothing else has work and I got diabeties on both sides of my family . thanks Teri Flint

Martha Katona said...

Go to the left side of the blog and choose your sex and your height. That will give you the number of grams daily for fat, protein, and carbs. Then download the logsheet I use, and begin logging your food. You can use the search engine at

Learn to hit your targets. Your blood sugar will normalize if you hit those targets.