Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I have many people that ask why we need to get so exact that we need to count grams of fat, protein, and carbs. The answer is surprising: by learning to count, we get the freedom to use any food we want, as long as we hit the target numbers. Rather than talking about "eat more protein, and cut back on carbs" - we find many ways we can "cheat" on the diet, and still hit our targets. For instance, Blue Bunny makes a really good sugar free ice cream, and sometimes I want that after dinner. As long as I am hitting my targets, it is fine!

The other reason to learn to love numbers and logging is that it teaches you where your fat, protein and carbs are coming from. After one year of logging, I know exactly how many carbs and protein grams are in my best loved foods. And I can plan around that and hit my numbers.

Most people cannot believe how great they feel when they are hitting their targets. So, logging, and learning to hit targets is a necessary step. You will be a different person, a Ph.D. in food, and your body will show it!

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