Wednesday, June 4, 2008


As you may know from reading previous posts, I had gallstone pancreatitis and lost half my pancreas, making me diabetic for life. I am a mixture of Type 1 (fewer beta cells) and Type 2 (insulin resistance.) Because of the tragic way I came to use insulin, I did not follow the usual route of Metformin or glucophage as a stepping stone to manage blood sugar before the use of insulin.

My doctor agreed that I needed Metformin a few weeks ago. I have done everything I can to manage my blood sugar by diet, exercise, and supplements, but my A1C was still at 7.2.

Metformin is a medication that attacks the Type 2 problem of insulin resistance. Some people have problems with it because it can give you diarrhea as a side effect. I was forearmed before I started taking it. I loaded up on acidophilus (probiotics) to make sure I had plenty of the good bacteria in my intestines, and I also use a product called Stevia Balance from Now Foods. This product feeds the good bacteria. The result is that I had no problems at all with loose stools with metformin. I am also on the Metformin ER version, where there is less problem with intestinal upset.

I am happy to say that the Metformin has lowered my A1C to 6.5, with no other changes in diet. If you would like to see what a prominent holistic physician has to say about Metformin, please read here:

As you may know, I have a strong bias against using insulin, because it increases insulin resistance over time, making the problem worse for Type 2 diabetics. But I am proud to say that an old medication fits the bill for getting at insulin resistance. So I am not against pharmaceuticals, only against using insulin for Type 2. Metformin is a very good addition to a diabetic treatment plan, and in the interview above, the good doctor recommends it for anyone over 35.

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