Thursday, June 26, 2008


There are over 1200 known substances that lower blood sugar, other than insulin. The problem with insulin, for a Type 2 diabetic, is that it increases insulin resistance. What that means is you will need increasing doses as time goes on, and there will come a time when the insulin does not work anymore. This is the time when a diabetic reaches end stage diabetes, with all the nightmares you have heard of: blindness, kidney dialysis, amputations, heart attack, and stroke. As a Type 2 diabetic, you want to reduce the need for insulin, not use it to control blood sugar.

The primary way to manage blood sugar is with food. If you hit your target numbers mentioned at the left side-bar, you will be using food to manage blood glucose. Then, you can use supplements to come in and finish the job.

The Germans have known about alpha lipoic acid for some 50 years. They use it, not only to control blood sugar, but to help with diabetic neuropathy. Every doctor in Germany knows about alpha lipoic acid for diabetes. You can take up to 2 Gm per day, in divided doses, each time you eat, and you will see a nice drop in glucose.

If you need to talk to your doctor about alpha lipoic acid, just ask them to go to and enter that term into the search engine. There you will find PEER-REVIEWED study after study that shows its effectiveness in reducing blood glucose. It is a nice addition to your diet, and most Type 2 diabetics, if they follow the diet, can achieve normal numbers with alpha lipoic acid alone.

You can do the same search at for reishi. There is also study after study of the blood glucose lowering properties of reishi. A nice benefit is that reishi also stimulates the immune system, and can also help with high blood pressure.

Berberine is a good way to lower blood sugar.  It also helps with cholesterol.  Work with your doctor to find the best dosage for you.  I use 1200mg daily.

Just remember it is always food first, then supplements. The supplements will not help you if you are eating high glycemic index carbs - the evil carbs that gave us diabetes in the first place. By balancing protein and low-glycemic carbs, you are doing the job to prepare your body for the supplements. Both of them together can normalize your blood sugar readings just fine, without the use of insulin.

If you are like me, I still use a little insulin when I know there is a social event where people are still eating poison. I know how to walk for half an hour after eating more than I can metabolize, but sometimes even that is not enough. So, alpha lipoic acid, reishi, a balanced protein and carb diet, and exercise are my main supports for diabetes. I am down to less than 1/4 of the insulin that was prescribed for me before I knew how to manage blood glucose with food and supplements.

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