Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I am very glad to hear that some of you are applying the balanced protein and carb diet to help blood sugar. I want to encourage all of you to work with your doctor to do what western medicine does best: to MEASURE and validate your results from the diet and supplements.

You may need to work in order to find a doctor that will work with YOU. My agreement with my doctor is that as long as my A1C is less than 7.0, I can use the methods I want. I keep her informed of all the supplements I am taking, as well as the changes in diet I am doing.

But be prepared - it only took me 5 days to come off insulin after I added alpha lipoic acid to my existing balanced protein and carb diet. It can happen really fast, so you must be sure to measure your blood sugar several times per day and have a protein bar handy if you start bottoming out.

Your doctor is your best friend and will help you conquer diabetes. Just find the right doctor and tell them you are on a diet that is very effective at managing blood sugar. They will help you monitor your progress.

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