Saturday, December 6, 2008


Because diabetics lose feeling and circulation in their feet, it is very important to inspect your feet daily. In my case, a foot ulcer happened without any warning - it seemed to me that it just appeared one day, a day that I noticed a sore feeling and decided to check it out.

I bought some zinc cream called Terrasil, and it helped close up the ulcer. But in further investigations on the web, I found another substance that is helping even more.

That substance is MMS, the Miracle Mineral Supplement. Within 3 days, taking only the smallest doses of MMS activated with citric acid, the ulcer turned totally white. A red area around the ulcer came up, as though the inflammation of the area was seeking some way out. I am sure that within a few days, I will see all inflammation gone.

Google MMS and its many uses. And add the use for diabetic foot ulcers to the growing list of natural healing that diabetics can use.


Rustam khan said...

Total Contact Casting Kits Total Contact Casting is recognized as the Gold Standard for offloading diabetic foot ulceration within the diabetic foot-care community.

Martha Katona said...

I have published your comment. However, even though it is the gold standard in the diabetic foot ulcer treatment community, it is very clumsy and immobilizing.

Depending on how bad the ulcer is, Terrasil is a good first choice. Of course, talk with your doctor, but you may need to make him aware of the track record Terrasil has for foot ulcers. I found it totally effective. My foot ulcer is healed and the dead area is gone.

Of course, keep a close eye on it. If it is working, great. As with all diabetic problems, your doctor is the best judge. But he/she may not know about Terrasil. It is much easier, less expensive, and easily available.