Tuesday, December 23, 2008


The best way to make it through the holidays is to have whey protein drinks at your side. Drink one before any holiday meal where poison is being served. The whey protein will dampen your hunger and will lower the glycemic index of anything you eat.

Also, your friend ginger tea is always there for a fast boost of calorie burning.

A walk does wonders - for someone my size, I can burn about 150 calories in half an hour of brisk walking.

And, even when partying, you can balance protein and carbs!

Remember that you can take extra alpha lipoic acid, and coconut oil. Both are thermogenics and will burn calories very well.

Just be glad you have the opportunity to see exactly how your body's cells are feeding with your "just-in-time food." It is a miracle, and you are managing your blood sugar just fine during the holidays!

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