Wednesday, July 2, 2008


The best way to measure how much insulin you are making in your own body is with a C-Peptide test. Your body, when it makes insulin, makes it attached to a C-peptide molecule. Then, that molecule combination of C-peptide and insulin breaks down, and the body uses the insulin. So, when you take a C-peptide test, it measures how much insulin your body is making on its own.

This is a great test to tell you if you are on your way to diabetes. If you have extra high levels of insulin, you are on your way. This test is much better than the traditional HBA1C test of average blood sugar. The A1C test will continue to measure normal until it is too late, and your doctor tells you "you are diabetic."

The C-Peptide test can be ordered through any physician for not too much money. If you are hyperinsulemic, it is time for you to start eating the diet listed in the left panel....and then you can avoid diabetes. Don't think that you are safe if your A1C tests normal. It is not the right test to show the super high insulin levels that precede diabetes.

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