Tuesday, April 10, 2007


An old superfood of the Aztecs is a new superfood for diabetics! Chia seed is the stuff made famous by Chia Pets. But you don't need to sprout it to get the benefit to blood sugar.

Just stir chia seed into your protein drinks, or soups, or protein cereals, or salad, or any dish! The little seeds plump up and give you MARVELOUS doses of Omega 3 oils, fiber, and protein.

The soluble fiber in chia seed slows down the entry of carbs into your bloodstream, so it makes the glycemic index lower, of anything you eat, And since we are balancing protein and carbs to do that anyway, we can count on chia to make our blood sugar even lower!

The other nice part of chia is that it makes life in the bathroom a bunch easier!

It increases stamina, and provides lots of good minerals, too.

All this on 4 protein grams, 12 carb grams (11 soluble fiber grams) and 9 fat grams per ounce.

Can't beat it! I stir one tablespoon into my food and drink, for a total of 4 times per day.


Leon said...

You may want to note that Chia Seeds promote healthy dieting for a number of reasons, it is high in fiber for one, it expands in liquids and is believed too expand in your body as well. This creates a felling of fullness resulting in a person eating less. I found out about chia seeds at www.nuchiafoods.com, I use them because they also have a useful Chia Seed flour that I like a lot.

Healthy Natural Systems said...

I've never had my own chia pet or chia head or whatnot, but they look cool on TV. I just eat the seeds and I swear, they help sooo much as far as energy and feeling good throughout the day goes. I honestly started feeling so much better on a day-to-day basis after I started putting them in my smoothies about a year ago. The one's I get are Chia Pure. Chia Seeds Right Now they are even buy 1
get 1 free!