Sunday, April 15, 2007


It can be done! It is possible to hit your fat, carb and protein targets when you eat meals at restaurants, or at someone else's house.

Make a fist - (no, I don't mean kill someone at take their food) and visualize half your fist in lean protein, half in good carbs. Then add all the salad you want, just use the light dressing.

The problem is that they will (no doubt) bring you 4 or 5 fistfuls. You know what to do - take the extra home and have another 2 meals.

Remember, we are talking just in time food here. Do you want your belly to look like a fist or a loaded plate?

My blood sugar gave me the answer. Your answer is your own. Mine is to have several meals from what other people call the "average American diet."

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