Tuesday, February 3, 2009


When blood sugar is high, the sugar combines with protein in your blood to make glycated end products. These are like little shards of glass, and they cause damage in the parts of your body that have fine capillaries. This would be the lens of your eyes, your toes, kidneys, and fingers. These places are where diabetic neuropathy, or pain, can strike.

All of the pain is caused by high blood sugar. It is such a crime that all of us were fed cereal, cake, cookies, and other junk foods that make us sick. Hardly anyone that is still chowing down on junk food is aware that it will make them have amputations, kidney dialysis, or blindness if they don't get their blood sugar under control. Two thirds of American is on their way to diabetes.

The simple solution is to have a gram of protein with every gram of carbs you eat. Never eat carbs by themselves. The protein keeps the carbs from damaging your body - but you can only have about 90 to 100 gm protein and carbs per day for a woman, and about 125 gm of protein and carbs for a man.

Use your food labels! COUNT. Learn what your food values are. Learn to hit your target numbers at the panel on the left. Lose the weight. Your eyes, feet, kidneys, and heart will thank you. No food is worth your life.

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