Thursday, February 5, 2009


There are three supplements that are especially beneficial for diabetics. When you balance protein and carbs, you gain much better control of your blood sugar. But when you add these three supplements, the control of blood sugar becomes much tighter. All three supplements should be a daily part of any diabetic supplement plan.

These three supplements are:

Alpha lipoic acid - to carry glucose into the cells. Protects brain cells.
Benfotiamine - to prevent and mitigate nerve damage and pain, stops crosslinking of glucose and protein in 3 out of 4 pathways.
CoQ10 - to help heart muscles heal and regenerate (also good for the gums)

Alpha lipoic acid may make a biotin deficiency, so make sure you have biotin in your daily vitamin. Or, you can buy alpha lipoic acid plus biotin at Take up to 2000 mg daily, divided into doses each time you eat. But be careful, you can take too much alpha lipoic acid and cause a diabetic low. Be sure to measure your blood sugar and work with your doctor if you decide to take alpha lipoic acid. Your doctor will need to adjust your diabetic medications.

Benfotiamine is available at many places on the web. I buy mine at Take 600 mg daily.

CoQ10 is also available everywhere. There is a stronger version of coq10 that is better absorbed and thus, stronger. I also buy that at Vitacost. com

Guess you can tell I like Vitacost! I don't work for them or with them, but appreciate the fact they carry must-have supplements for diabetics.

And, if your doctor needs some encouragement about any of these supplements, point them to all the peer-reviewed scientific studies at - just type the terms into the search engine there. It will pull up study after study of how beneficial these substances are. They are all from natural sources.

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