Tuesday, February 3, 2009


By now most of you who are following this balanced protein and carb diet know exactly what you were doing wrong before. Too many carbs, the wrong kind of carbs, carbs by themselves, and not nearly enough protein.

Many people think they can't afford to ramp up their protein so it matches the carbs they eat. What they don't know is that the cost of the food they are eating now (mostly carbs) is not the whole cost of eating that way.

The real cost of eating carbs out of proportion to protein is the medical expense and pain of diabetes in the years ahead. Real pain, real medical bills. Add that to the cost of the high carb diet and you begin to understand that skimping on protein to save money is not a bargain at all.

All protein costs about the same, whether it is from whey protein, eggs, meat, chicken, turkey, or pork. It is all about $1 for 15 gm of protein. For most women, that means you will be spending about $6 per day on protein. That is a lot better than what it costs to be diabetic. I believe the latest statistics of how much a doctor can expect to make over the lifetime of a diabetic is something around $250,000.

The protein is cheaper.

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