Wednesday, July 23, 2008


For whatever reason, diabetics are prone to bladder infections. Most of these do not require antibiotics, if you use a supplement called D-MANNOSE. D-mannose is a polysaccharide that tells the e-coli, which is causing the infection, to attach to the D-mannose, and wash right out of the bladder. D-mannose, in combination with CYSTEX, will get most bladder infections taken care of without the use of antibiotics.

Bladder infections can cause a rise in blood sugar that seems to come out of nowhere. So, if you have been sick, or if you have a strange rise in blood sugar, ask your doctor to see if you have a bladder infection.

I try to avoid the use of antibiotics, so I try to use D-mannose and Cystex whenever possible. Of course, consult your doctor if the symptoms do not go away.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Bread is the staff of life, and the fastest path to injected insulin as well. But there are several types of bread that we can work with, especially if we always eat protein with the bread, or have a whey protein drink. All the protein slows down the entry of glucose from the bread.

Ah, but all bread is not created equal. Sourdough bread has a glycemic index of about 55, really not to bad for a grain product. So go easy, but it's ok to have about 20gm of sourdough with a protein source alongside it. That is about the size of the palm of your hand. I eat an occasional piece of sourdough and manage my glucose just fine.

Another good bread for diabetics is Flax bread from Joseph's, available at Walmart. It has protein and fiber and omega 3's, and only has six carbs - then you get to reduce the carbs by the grams of fiber. With only a few net carbs, it is a tasty whole-grain way to make a pita, or any other way you can roll it up! Just remember to eat protein in equal amounts with it.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


If you love the flavor of malt, take heart. You don't have to give that up if you are diabetic. Here is one of my favorite protein shake recipes using malt. It only has 5 carbs per tablespoon.


1/2 cup 2% cottage cheese
1 cup water
1 packet stevia balance
1 tbs chia seed
15 gm strawberry whey protein

Blend all ingredients. Add one cup ice and blend again. If you can tolerate more carbs, add some fresh or frozen strawberries!

Fat: 7gm Carbs: 13 gm Protein: 30gm

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


The best way to measure how much insulin you are making in your own body is with a C-Peptide test. Your body, when it makes insulin, makes it attached to a C-peptide molecule. Then, that molecule combination of C-peptide and insulin breaks down, and the body uses the insulin. So, when you take a C-peptide test, it measures how much insulin your body is making on its own.

This is a great test to tell you if you are on your way to diabetes. If you have extra high levels of insulin, you are on your way. This test is much better than the traditional HBA1C test of average blood sugar. The A1C test will continue to measure normal until it is too late, and your doctor tells you "you are diabetic."

The C-Peptide test can be ordered through any physician for not too much money. If you are hyperinsulemic, it is time for you to start eating the diet listed in the left panel....and then you can avoid diabetes. Don't think that you are safe if your A1C tests normal. It is not the right test to show the super high insulin levels that precede diabetes.