Monday, November 24, 2008


Dixie Diner is providing us with great desserts and mixes that are all balanced protein and carb. They are delicious. So, as long as you are hitting your target numbers for fat, protein, and carbs, the Dixie Diner products can work right in to a diet that keeps blood sugar low.

For your eating pleasure, from Dixie Diner, all balanced protein and carb:

Snackin' Carrot Cake
Muffin Mixes
Waffle and Pancake Mixes

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Daddy Cakes® said...

Daddy Cakes® makes a flavor of pancake & waffle mix called "Witty Whole Wheat" that is sweetened with fruit extracts and comes portion packed. Made with 100% Organic Red Spring Wheat and also has olive oil in it with a hint of cinnamon for flavor....they are yummy and much better for you than most other pancake mixes.

Martha Katona said...

Just remember that grains always need protein with them to manage blood sugar. So, equal grams of protein with any carbohydrates.