Tuesday, September 2, 2008


A lot of you have asked why this diet works so well to quell hunger, gain muscle, and manage blood glucose. Let's take a look at it from the perspective of your body.

1. Just in time food. Never eat more than 250 calories at a time for a female, 300 calories for a male, UNLESS YOU ARE EXERCISING. Add a protein bar previous to exercise for each half hour of real exercise. This keeps the insulin load that you are asking your pancreas to provide in the low range, and the protein bar makes before exercise makes sure your body has the fuel it needs for the exercise, so it won't tear down muscle. Grazing is the best way to control blood sugar.

2. Equal grams of protein and carbs. This controls blood sugar all on its own. The body asks for insulin when there are carbs, but protein slows the carbs down, making the need for insulin much smaller. Never eat carbs by themselves, always have equal grams of protein along with your low-glycemic carbs.

3. Whey protein builds muscle and provides the amino acid building blocks to put you in a good mood - by making serotonin. So, by making about half your protein as whey protein, you are increasing your calorie burning ability by building muscle. Whey protein also alkalinizes the body, something other proteins do not do, and the acid/alkaline balance helps heal insulin resistance if you are more on the alkaline side of things.

4. You are very, very full because of adequate protein. Protein is a more effective appetite suppressant than any pill or potion. It also takes about 40% of the calories in protein to digest the protein, so when you make a higher percentage of your diet as protein, you are effectively reducing the number of calories.

5. The supplements, which work very well to reduce insulin resistance, can now work on a diet that has fewer calories yet provides all the nutrition you need. Don't skimp on supplements and good food, they are your way to avoid the high medical bills of end stage diabetes.

I have helped over 600 people lose weight successfully and have helped diabetics learn to manage their blood glucose with diet, exercise, supplements, and medications only as necessary. Most people are really surprised at how much better they feel as their fat mass goes down and their muscle mass goes up, as measured by a body composition scale. If you follow the diet recommended at the left side of this blog, that is what will happen to you, as well.

There is no hunger, or very little hunger, as you lose fat, not muscle! You feel so much better, from DAY 2, that you will never want to eat any other way. Just learn to hit your targets for fat, protein, and carbs. Download the log sheet, and start your daily log. Learn to get more protein, keep it low fat, and balance protein and carbs. You can do it!

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