Monday, March 18, 2013


If you are over forty, obese, and female, your risk for gallstones is high.  In my case, I ended up in the hospital for six months with gallstone pancreatitis.

But, if you are losing weight with a low fat diet, the diet itself can increase your risk for gallstones.  This is because the gall bladder needs to flush each and every day, and if you are not eating enough fat, it does not do that.  When combined with all the debris coming out of your cells as you lose weight, it is a recipe for gallstones.  The gall bladder never flushes and the gallstones are much more prone to develop.

So, if you are using the daily log sheet, add 2 tbs coconut oil daily to your low fat diet.  The coconut oil not only keeps the gall bladder flushing, but will improve your metabolic rate as well.  The more weight you need to lose, the more coconut oil pushes up the number of calories burned.

You can use coconut oil in many foods.  Fry with it, put it in your protein cocoa, put it in hot oatmeal, and in your shakes.  Use it up to 2 tbs daily for women and up to 3 tbs daily for men.  It is delicious and will keep you full, as well.

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symptomatic gallstone disease said...

yes, experts have found that women with a high Body Mass Index are mor prone to gallstones.