Thursday, October 27, 2011


If you have not heard about earthing yet, get ready for a revolution. This simple practice took my blood sugar down by about 30 points the first day on my earthing mat. You can buy earthing products for just a small amount of money and there are no ongoing expenses.

This is something you can do for free by going outside, barefoot, and placing your feet right on the earth. This produces a stream of electrons from the earth, which act as antioxidants in the body. Diabetes is a disease of inflammation, and the electron stream from the earth goes right to the points of inflammation in the body and puts the fire out.

In addition to normalizing blood sugar, earthing reduces pain and also normalizes cortisol, the stress hormone. There are too many benefits to mention here. So, check out youtube, google, and all other sources for earthing. It is real and it works.


Anonymous said...


I recently found out that I'm a type 2 dietabetic. I was looking some practical solution for my blood-sugar count. I didn't know about this blog until I was looking for GINGER TEA, and it brought to this page. I will be using this blog for more information since it has easy ways of balancing carbs and protien which now I have to introduce in my daily diet.


Symptoms of diabetes said...

Good to know!

Anonymous said...

Hi Martha! I also found your blog when I was searching "ginger tea" and wondering if the tea I was drinking (Organic Ginger Aid by Traditional Medicinals) could also double as a blood sugar reducer. Wow I am impressed, love the blog! I was diagnosed as borderline type 2 and still struggling to get my sugar down. Thanks for sharing with us!

Martha Katona said...

Yes, ginger tea helps. You can use pure ginger tea in bags, which is better than ginger mixed with other teas. You can also cut up raw ginger root and boil it for 30 minutes. This will be much stronger.

The best way to reduce blood sugar right then and there is to take a 30 minute walk. For someone my size, that brings glucose down by as much as 40 points. I walk in the house if the weather is bad. No excuse for not walking 30 minutes per day. Makes you feel better, too!