Monday, December 13, 2010


By now, you have no doubt seen on the net that coconut oil is very beneficial for diabetics.

Dr. Bruce Fife, author of "The Coconut Oil Miracle" explains these mechanisms of action for opening up circulation and healing wounds.

See the video at:

I am now taking 2 to 3 tbs coconut oil daily, in my morning protein cocoa and in my shake.

I have been away from the blog, helping others in the real world. I am glad to help, but the real work is done by the people who are losing weight and regaining control of their blood sugar.
Best wishes to all,


James said...

I have heard wonderful things about coconut oil and diabetes. Sometimes it is hard to find though. I have had great success lowering my blood glucose through raw food meals, exercise, and drinking plenty of water.

Martha Katona said...

I commend you for your fortitude in using raw food. It is also a substantial part of my diet, but not all. What I find is that anything that does not kill appetite will not work long term, and for me, the raw food only approach left me ravenous. This diet is very satisfying, and you can have carbs, as long as you have equal grams of protein.

mutuelle swiss life said...

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drkenbattle said...

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Anonymous said...

I wish you were on facebook. Where else can we get and keep in touch

Martha Katona said...

I wish I could help everyone in person. I have not been tending my blog or doing anything online, like FACEBOOK, because I work a real job helping people all day long. If you have specific questions, please address them to me through this blog and I will get an email notice when you post. As I have time, I will get back to you.
Thanks for your interest, and remember to balance protein and carbs to lose weight and control blood sugar.