Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So many times I see people who need to lose weight, that think they don't have the willpower to stay on a diet. These people are missing one key piece of information: it is what you are eating that is making you hungry. Willpower has nothing to do with it.

When you eat protein grams equal to carb grams, every time you eat, you are controlling insulin levels in the body. Protein is a wonderful way to curb appetite. Most people just do not realize that if they change the food composition of what they are eating, their hunger disappears.

When we eat carbs by themselves, our pancreas puts out insulin to remove the sugar from the blood. Insulin is a fat storage hormone. So, carbs put on fat. But we have to have them to run our brains and our bodies - about 60gm per day for the brain alone. Anything less and our bodies start eating their own muscle and reducing calorie burning by doing that. But the real problem is that after eating carbs by themselves, you get even hungrier, because the insulin has driven your blood sugar so low that now you are starving.

This does not happen when you eat protein grams equal to carb grams every time you eat. What we used to think of as lack of will power is actually nothing more than the biological response to eating carbs by themselves. Stop doing that! Always eat equal grams of protein with your carbs, and you will begin to understand it is not will power at all. Your hunger disappears, your tiredness disappears, and you are full on many less calories. No more eating an entire bag of Oreo's - and no more blame for not being able to control yourself.

The preferred fuel mixture for the human body is roughly equal calories of fat, protein, and carbs. This has been outlined in great detail in the Zone Diet. You would not put diesel fuel into a gasoline engine. So, don't try to run your body on pure carbs. It is killing all of us, leaves you hungry, tired, and on your way to diabetes.


kelsalynn said...

Hey Martha! Great site! Just started my own recipe site after having a fitness one for years.

On the Zone diet, cereal is probably the thing I miss THE MOST! I just read your post about cereal and will definitely have to try it! Man do I ever miss cereal! LOL!

Martha Katona said...

Yes, cereal is great, and so is Quaker Weight Control Oatmeal, with extra protein. YUM! Just remember, you must have equal grams of protein and carbs in order to stop the blood sugar spikes, so have that cereal with whey protein instead of milk. Go ahead, look at the labels, and add them up. Protein = carbs every time you eat. No carbs by themselves, no carbs greater than protein. You can have protein by itself.

I have tested these ideas by eating 5 times per day and testing my blood glucose 5 times per day. It tests out just fine. This is the diet that was recommended by the American Diabetic Assocation for some 50 years. Have confidence in it.

Dina said...

Im really hoping I can turn my diet around as my latest A1C is 10.7% !!! My blood sugar was 450 and Im dumping protein in my urine like crazy (I can tell cuz its real foamy). I have type 2 diabetes for 15 yrs now, are 49 yrs old, and on Lantus & Glucophage. I refuse to take Humalog due to the low crashes. My problem is I hate meat and LOVE carbs!! I rarely eat much protein and the result is as mentioned. Im so tired Im housebound and in bed 16 hrs a day. I can feel Im slowly dying. So I decided to have gastric bypass surgery in March. I weigh 240 and was as high as 310! My Dr pretty much has written me off so I feel the surgery is my last resort. Of course I have to learn to eat alot more protein & less carbs too, but the surgery will finally enable me to get off sugar (which I crave immensely) due to dumping syndrome, and the built in portion control will help. Your blog is interesting-I wish you could move in & monitor me & my eating-LOL. Your recipes and blog will help me alot though. All I want is to function again (I havent for 11 yrs). My poor husband does everything for me like cook, clean, grocery shop etc. I cant even have sex as I have continual yeast infections & have gone thru menopause this past yr & suffer from dryness & vaginal pain, so my life is a total disaster from diabetes. To add to it, I have fibromyagia and are prescribed a Fentanyl patch for the chronic pain which adds to my fatigue & loss of function. Sometimes I want to give up and end it all but I dont. Im hoping the surgery turns my life around! Thanks for your blog!

Rochester, NY

Martha Katona said...

Yes, you are in a condition that I called being blamed but not trained. You can't blame people for stuff they don't know about. But now that you have identified the problem, you can fix it.

When you go for your weight loss surgery, they will put you on whey protein to shrink your liver so they can operate. This is the same whey protein I recommend for all types of diabetics to normalize your blood sugar. So, follow all their instructions, and when you get to the stage where you can eat again, be sure to always have a gram of protein for any grams of carbs you eat. This was recommended by the American Diabetic Association for 50 years.

After surgery, your meals will be smaller, but you can still balance protein and carbs using whey protein.

Also, it helps to alkalize your body. The yeast infections are an indication you are too acid. You can buy a product called Alkamax, which has little test strips in it to show you how alkaline/acid you are. First thing in the morning, take one test strip and swish it in your mouth to get it "slobbery" and compare it to the color chart they send with the product. You should be at least at 6.5. If not, add up to 4 tablets of alkamax daily (it is mainly potassium) and keep testing. You can stop the product after you reach 6.5, but it is a continual fight.

Potassium, sodium, magnesium, and other minerals are what take waste out of the body. If you are alkaline enough, you won't have yeast infections.

You can also douche with acidophilus, the probiotic. Also, take acidophilus orally to get rid of the yeast.

Good luck, and don't forget to balance protein and carbs each time you eat. Never any carbs by themselves.