Monday, November 2, 2009


I am a woman, 5'9" tall, and I have 100 pounds lean muscle. To normalize blood sugar, I eat one gm protein and one gm carbs for each pound of lean muscle mass. So, for me, that is 100gm protein daily, and 100 carb gm daily. Of course, we keep the diet low fat, so my target for fat is 25gm fat plus 6gm omega 3's supplemented from fish oil and flax. My target numbers are thus 25gm fat, 100gm carbs, and 100gm protein. Plus omega 3 supplementation.

So, here is a brief outline of what my day looks like in terms of meal planning:

6AM protein cocoa
9AM protein shake
12AM low carb tortilla with ham, turkey, beef, chicken, or fish as a wrap, and one piece of fruit
3PM protein bar or 1/2 cup cottage cheese and another piece of fruit
6PM 3 oz lean protein, 1/2 cup beans or sweet potato (no white potatoes), side salad, deep green veggie and 1/2 cup Blue Bunny ice ream for dessert.

You can look up the fat, protein, and carb content of any food at - but this plan works for a female, 5'9" - see the post to the left side bar for the diet to normalize blood sugar for people of other heights and sex.

I am full all the time because I am getting more than double the protein that most people get. Also, whey protein improves insulin sensitivity, so that protein shake in the morning helps my blood sugar all day long.

This is not a hard pattern to memorize. And it has helped me lose 125 pounds and get off insulin. Try it, you' ll like it!


cookeaze said...

So glad to have found your blog.It was very informative and at same time effective too.

Bryan said...

On preparing for a diet and in any weight loss programs, we must eat healthy and I believe our daily devotion and meditation relieves stress which is an enemy to our health and our weight loss program.

Martha Katona said...

Meditation is a wonderful way to stay centered on a diet. Daily practice always helps. But my central message is this: the ratio of fats to proteins to carbs is what kills hunger. If you hit your target numbers, the extra protein from whey protein will kill your appetite, and hitting your target numbers will not be hard.
So, in addition to relieving stress, the main thrust of this diet is to use food to kill hunger, but use the right kind of food: extra protein, which the body only uses to build and repair, and less fat and less carbs. I was never hungry on my diet, because I was giving my body everything it needed. So, look up the targets for fat, protein, and carbs for your sex and height, on the DIET TO NORMALIZE BLOOD SUGAR post on the left side of this blog. Learn to hit your targets. And as Bryan points out, find your center daily.

Michael Davis said...

Eating the right foods is the best thing to do if you want to lose weight. No need to skip meals and strave. Just eat the right food and exercise regularly, the best way to lose weight.

Martha Katona said...

Unfortunately, there is a lot of bad information out there on what exactly are the right foods. This diet is based on the amount of muscle mass you have, which determines how many calories you burn. It does not get rid of entire food groups, like carbs or fat, and has about double the protein that most diets have. This is to preserve muscle mass as you lose weight, otherwise, if you lose muscle as you lose weight, you will slow your metabolic rate. This is what happens when you starve yourself and go to the gym. It also happens on low carb diets, and diets without enough protein. So, it is not just a simple matter to lose weight. The advice from doctors, "Eat less and exercise more" is a guaranteed way to lose muscle. So, it is necessary to find out how much muscle you have, eat to support that muscle while you lose weight. Then, when you are at your goal weight, you are burning more calories than when you started. Please see the target amounts for fat, protein, and carbs according to how much muscle mass you have, located on the left side bar.

You can find out how much muscle mass you have by stepping on a body fat scale and subtracting the fat. But it is easy to estimate, as most women have 90 to 100 pounds of muscle and most men have 125 to 150 pounds of muscle. You need 1 gram of protein and 1 gram of carbs daily to make sure you do not lose muscle as you lose weight.