Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Recently, a local naturopath informed me that iodine supplementation was needed by just about everyone in the USA. Why? Because we don't eat seaweed, and most of us don't eat a lot of fish, especially if living in the Central USA.

There is a test for iodine saturation, which is one of those "pee in a jar" and spit in a cup type of tests. It cost me $25 with the naturopath. It showed I was way low on iodine.

So, what does iodine do? Iodine can literally set your metabolic rate, so it is distinctly relevant for people who need to lose weight. The naturopath set me up with 50mg daily of Iodoral, to be taken until I test again in three months.

You can find Iodoral on Ebay, and from other suppliers on the web.

The results? I lost 10 pounds in one month WITHOUT TRYING OR MODIFYING MY DIET any further. I now weigh what I did in high school.

Iodine performs other functions in the body. It is suspected there is a link between iodine and breast cancer - a lack of iodine making you more prone to breast cancer. The same can be said for prostate cancer.

So, if you are fighting weight issues, consider iodine. It is possible to overdose on iodine, so you need to find a naturopath who can test you at the beginning of supplementation, and can test again after 3 months. After your iodine levels are adequate, you will probably be placed on a maintenance dose.

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