Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I had my first experience in a far infrared sauna recently. It is a sauna that is cooler than the older saunas, it only reaches 110F to 150F. The difference is that this sauna opens up the insulin receptors next to skeletal muscles. The end result: you burn as much as 350 calories in a half hour treatment.

So, just to make sure the claims were true, I logged my blood sugar before going in. I was at a post-prandial peak of 170. After thirty minutes, I rushed out and measured again. Still 170. Hah, I thought, just another false claim about lowering blood sugar and burning calories.

Yet, as I cooled off on the way home, I started getting REALLY hungry. By the time I got home, made a dive for my glucose meter, and measured my blood sugar, it was 125. That was less than 10 minutes after a reading of 170.

So, from my tests, the claims of burning calories are true for Far Infrared Saunas. You can buy a good one for about $2500. I don't know if it is practical to use it daily, but it would certainly be good for not only blood glucose, but for toxic waste removal and skin toning. I think they are the next big thing for diabetes.

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Bryan said...

I bought one with the price of $2750 and loving it. Will be able to save money in the long run if you buy one.

Anonymous said...

I live in Portugal and i listen a few persons talk about infrared sauna, its true that type of sauna has benefits for patients with diabetes?

Martha Katona said...

A far infrared sauna will burn calories, about 350 calories in half an hour.

But you cannot use it daily, because the body gets too stressed out from daily use.

But for occasional use, the far infrared sauna will take blood sugar down. Just be sure to drink plenty of water, so as not to be dehydrated.

It is also good to brush the skin with a dry brush with gentle bristles. Stroke toward the heart. This will stimulate circulation, very beneficial for diabetics.

Infrared Sauna said...

It brings about improved cardiac functioning and aids in lowering blood pressure and ideal for cardiac patients following a heart attack. The mild warming up and resultant rise in cardiac rate facilitates swifter healing in such patients. It is vastly useful for those people with controlled blood pressure levels for improving their general health by ridding the body of surplus water (enabling better heart functioning), better circulation, replicates rise in cardiac rate as in mild exercising and in detoxifying the body. These saunas also help in maintaining the levels of controlled blood pressure and thus resulting in lesser vacillations.

Palani said...

Well... Before sauna, your glucose was 170 with 5.5 liter Body blood. At the time of suana your body lost half liter .i.e After sauna your blood sugar was 170 with 5 liter of blood. By calculation you lost lot of sugar from blood.
After coming to home, due to the water you drank you blood sugar was 125 with 5.5 liter of blood which is equal to sugar 170 with 5 liter. So sauna helped you

Martha Katona said...

Yes, the sauna is definitely a help. I can count on the sauna to take my glucose down by about the same as a half hour walk, about 40 points for someone my size.

Just be sure to drink water after the sauna.