Wednesday, March 25, 2009


As you know, the balanced protein and carb diet balances blood sugar because it uses protein to slow down the carbs that enter your blood stream. The rule is: equal amount of protein grams to go with every carb gram, each time you eat.

I like this approach because not only has it helped me lose 110 pounds, but it means I can actually have carbs. Of course, the carbs need to be WHOLE GRAIN, so you get fiber, but it is still possible to have the yummy taste of cereal in the morning without breaking any of the rules.

Step 1: find a good whole grain cereal that has 25gm carbs or less. I like REDUCED SUGAR CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH.

Step 2. mix a scoop of whey protein with one cup water. I like BANANA SCREAM whey protein from Champion Nutrition.

Step 3. Pour the whey liquid over the cereal and enjoy! at 23 gm protein and 25 gm carbs, it is perfectly balanced.

And, voila! You have all the goodness of those tastes you loved as a kid, without the blood sugar spike.

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