Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I am just as guilty as anyone else who has just been diagnosed diabetic. I went on a frantic search on the internet, looking for what supplements would lower blood sugar. I spent a whole lot of money looking for that magic pill that would mean I could eat like I used to eat.

Let me tell you now, and save you a bunch of money. That magic supplement does not exist.

What works is rebuilding your diet from the ground up, using just in time food, and hitting your target numbers for fat, protein and carbs. This is important because it is best to GAIN muscle as you lose weight and manage blood sugar. It is muscle that burns calories, so if you hit your target numbers for fat, protein, and carbs, you gain muscle as you lose fat. That means you are ramping up your metabolic rate with the food you eat. Over time, it can make quite a difference.

Once you get the hang of hitting those targets, then you can add in supplements that do work. They don't have to fight all the bad food that spikes blood sugar, and the diet produces muscle gain. The payoff comes when you have learned how to plan your meals, eat five or six times per day, and take your supplements.

See my posts on Alpha Lipoic Acid and Benfotiamine, the work horses for diabetes. But hit your target numbers first. No magic here, just good food, and a higher burning metabolism over time.

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