Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Tea can be a wonderful friend to anyone who is fighting blood sugar issues. There are many types, but some are worthy of note for lowering blood sugar.

Ginger tea can act as fast as 30 points postprandial in 30 minutes. It opens up deep skeletal muscle insulin receptors. You acutally feel warm when you drink it, and that means you are burning calories with it. Because it acts directly on the body's insulin receptors, it is a great tea for bringing down blood sugar that is too high, so it is best used after you eat.

Mulberry tea acts as a carb blocker, so it is best used before you eat. The top leaves of the mulberry trea contain phytochemicals that block the digestion of carbs. Tastes great, too!

If you type "sugar controller tea" into Google, you can find outlets for a nice tea that is good, and lowers blood sugar. You want to drink this one before meals, too.

Mostly, I use ginger tea. A cup of ginger tea is equivalent to a half hour walk for someone my size. But exercise anyway!


ashli said...

great tip Martha! I drink Ginger tea for its great digestive health qualities- i had no idea it was such a help to leveling the blood sugar! I will buy some for my Diabetic father!

~ashli :)

Martha Katona said...

And of course, Ashli, if your dad is eating lots of carbs, he will not see the benefit of the ginger tea. If, like most men, he eats about 125 gm protein and 125 gm carbs, then when he drinks ginger tea, his blood sugar will go down in a hurry. But if he has had a meal of potatoes, the ginger doesn't stand a chance!