Monday, September 10, 2007


Omega 3's are fish oil and flax oil. Every cell membrane in your body uses omega 3's in the membrane, but we have been eating trans-fats, that clog the membranes and make it so insulin cannot get inside the cell with glucose. It is like building a house with bricks for windows.

So, when you take fish oil and flax oil, you are helping insulin resistance. You are also helping appetite control, and a nice side effect is that your skin gets soft. If you have cracks on the backs of your heels, that is a sure sign you need omega 3's in a major way.

You need 10 gm of omega 3's every day, a mixture of fish and flax oil. Get the kind that say 1,000mg - which is a gram of oil per pill. Take 10 of them daily, most people do 5 in the morning and 5 in the evening. This is in addition to your 25 gm of dietary fat daily.

In this diet, omega 3's also keep the gall bladder flushing the extra cholesterol from the fat you are losing. They help keep gallstones away. Gallstones are the most significant risk factor to weight loss. You are already at risk for gallstones if you are obese, but dieting increases that risk. So, if you have any pain under your breastbone area, go see a doctor immediately. It is a simple blood test to see if gallstones are the problem.

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