Monday, April 15, 2013


The short answer is yes.  But there is good news.  Popcorn is actually one of the better snacks for diabetics IF YOU EAT IT WITH EQUAL GRAMS OF PROTEIN.  My favorite way is to have a whey protein cocoa with my popcorn.

And you have to portion control it.  Three cups is 16 carb grams, when the popcorn is air popped.  This is actually a very generous amount.

Here is my favorite popcorn recipe:

1/2 c yellow popcorn
PAN spray
2 heaping tbs nutritional yeast
shake or two of paprika
garlic salt to taste
sea salt to taste.

Pop the corn in an air popper.  As the popcorn comes out the chute, spray with pan spray, so the seasonings will stick.  Add garlic salt, sea salt, and nutritional yeast and paprika.

Serve with at least 15 gm protein.  My favorite is chocolate whey protein cocoa, but you could also have ham, chicken, fish, eggs, cottage cheese or regular cheese.  Just check your food labels to make the carb gm and protein gm equal.

The protein dulls the blood sugar spike from the popcorn.  Popcorn is about 55 on the glycemic index, so it is not terrible.  Just make sure to eat it with protein!

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