Monday, May 14, 2007


We see so many people with weight problems, and the usual attitude is that they are at fault for their weight. But how can someone be at fault for not knowing that carbs make you hungry, that protein satiates hunger, and that they must be eaten in equal quantities?

After all, the entire food industry is based on profit from fat and carbs, with very little protein. Doctors are quick to tell people to eat less and exercise more, which only produces muscle loss and slows metabolism further. And everywhere you look, diets are based on removing a needed nutrient, either fat or carbs, with no understanding at all of how that effects muscle loss.

I call the condition of obese people BEING BLAMED BUT NOT TRAINED. Not fair at all.

The solution is to cut calories, for most women down to about 1000 calories per day, and to make sure every food nutrient is available within that 1000 calories. So, for most women, just get your 25gm fat, 100gm protein, and 100 carb grams, take a great multivitamin, and take your 10 gm flax or fish oil. You will be better nourished than you ever have been, with no empty calories, and you will feel full as you lose about 2 pounds per week of FAT, NOT LEAN BODY MASS, OR MUSCLE.

And yes, this works for everyone, unless you are really insulin resistant. In that case, take 300mg alpha lipoic acid each time you eat, and 2mg reishi with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Ginger tea helps with insulin resistance as well. These metabolic accellerators will help even diabetics lose weight at the recommended rate of 2 pounds per week.

Problem solved. Balanced carb and protein wins over all other methods.

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